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Door-to-door selling is a direct selling method. This way of selling is often used for sales, marketing and advertising. With door-to-door sales, a consultant visits the potential customer to convince them to buy your product or service.

Call Marketing

A higher sales result is achieved with call marketing. This is not yet one of the most effective means of getting in touch with prospects and binding them to your product or service. Call marketing creates direct contact, which allows for better communication. Save more time by outsourcing this. We are happy to take over for you.

Advice by appointment

To make your company successful, we will work hard together to make good agreements to generate. Together with you as a customer, we actively look for areas for improvement. We take care make sure that no useless agreements are made, but agreements with a concrete appointment date and time including address details. We also call these agreements advice
by appointment.

Generate leads

To generate the best leads for your company, we engage the right consultants. This are consultants specially selected for this assignment. They have relevant experience and are trained to generate leads. They try to approach potential customers personally through empathy and building trust. They perform online research into the latest developments of the organizations to be approached. In it late Binkix see that we know the potential customer.


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