There is a wide range of energy suppliers. Which one suits you best? Choosing and switching to another energy supplier can be quite difficult. We are happy to help you make the right choice by comparing prices and service. This way we find a suitable deal for you.

Choose energy supplier

Switching to another supplier is sometimes a difficult choice, but the steps you have to take are not. We as Binkix would like to help you with this. What do you pay attention to and what is the best choice for you. Ultimately, the goal for you is to save costs, because 90% of the Dutch pay too much for their gas and electricity.
We have listed some short tips for you below.

Compare first

The first step you take is to compare energy suppliers. Energy suppliers must be divided into different cost items and compared.

Calculate the total price with your consumption.

In addition to delivery rates, there are also other costs that you have to take into account.

  • Which supplier is the most sustainable? Who supplies the greenest electricity?
  • Read the terms and conditions of each supplier carefully. Promotional prices and the prices afterwards. Are there additional costs etc.

Switching to another energy supplier

Most people switch suppliers for cost savings, better conditions and better customer service. But also becoming sustainable energy is becoming an important reason to switch to another supplier.

How do you switch to another supplier?

We at Binkix are happy to guide you in your search and switch to another supplier. With our many years of experience in the field of energy supplier, we can guide you well in the field of switching.

Renewable energy?

Is the climate problem and sustainability important to you? Then choose an energy supplier that produces, purchases, sells and invests in sustainable energy, but does not build coal-fired power stations either. What is important to know is that green energy is not necessarily more expensive. We are happy to help you with this choice.

Fixed, variable and dynamic rates

There are different contract forms for energy.

  • Energy contract for an indefinite period
  • Fixed-term energy contract with fixed rates
  • Fixed-term energy contract with variable rates
  • Energy contract with dynamic rates

Contract duration

You have one year contract, three and five year contract. If you expect that the costs will rise, it is better to opt for a longer contract, but if the prices fall, you will end up paying more afterwards.

Single or double rate

You can choose between single or double rate. With a single rate, the energy rate is 24 hours a day equal and with a double rate you pay a higher rate during the day. This is also called a called peak rate. You pay a lower rate during the night and the weekend. This is called off-peak rate.

Solar panels

It is also possible to generate your own energy. Then you are less dependent on energy prices that often fluctuate and it is sustainable. More and more people are choosing to have solar panels installed on their roofs.


Have you become curious whether you can get cheaper energy rates or would you also like to switch to sustainable energy? We are happy to help you. Fill in the contact form and you will be contacted by telephone or email within one day to discuss your wishes and the current offer.


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