Due to the various providers, there are major differences in their subscriptions and their prices, so that you sometimes no longer see the wood for the trees. Making a choice then becomes quite difficult. Which channel package and/or internet speed suits me? We are happy to help you choose a suitable subscription for internet, television and telephone calls.

Make an estimate of your consumption.

You make a choice for a package based on your consumption. This estimate is important. Do you make little use of the internet, do you only watch the basic channels and do you barely make any calls? Then it is a shame to take an extensive package. With an extensive package, there are also higher costs involved.

All-in-1 package

What should you pay attention to when you want to take out a subscription for internet, TV and calling? It is wise to compare all-in-1 packages and purchase them from one provider. In most cases, this is cheaper than purchasing services separately from three separate providers. You also only pay once for the connection costs, which will keep the costs lower.
What you should also pay attention to is that telecom packages are region specific. Not all providers are available at every address.

Choosing Internet Speed

Internet speed is indicated in Mb/s. The higher the number of Mb/s, the faster the internet. Faster internet usually also costs more money. Up to 20 Mb/s is for light use, up to 50 Mb/s is for normal use and above 50 Mb/s is for heavy use. The number of users within one household who use the internet at the same time and for which the internet is used are two points on which you determine which speed suits you.
Do you occasionally send an email? Then 20Mb/s is enough. Do you often use Netflix, Spotify or other streaming services? Then go for an internet speed between 20 and 50Mb/p. Are you or is one of your children an avid online gamer? Then a fast internet connection of 50 Mb/s or higher will be greatly appreciated.
In the Netherlands, outside the mobile network, there are three ways to connect to the internet: via the telephone line (DSL), via the television cable (COAX) and via fiber optic. Where these connections differ is price, availability and speed.
DSL is often the cheapest, but not equally fast everywhere in the Netherlands. After DSL comes cable connection. This connection is slightly more expensive, but you get faster and more stable internet in return. Is cable not fast enough? Then you can also opt for fiberglass. Please note that fiber optic is not yet available everywhere.

Channel package

When choosing a channel package, you should pay attention to what you like to watch. Do you like to watch live football matches, Formula 1 or do you have small children? Then it is best to opt for an extra channel package. If you prefer to watch the standard channels, the extra packages are unnecessary. These extra packages also cost more.

To call or not?

In many cases this means that telephony is included in the package for free. Are you not calling? Then you will not incur any costs. Isn't this free is the package? Then it is better not to include this in your package. If you do want telephony in your package, you can choose to pay for unlimited calls or calls per minute.

Your telecom package

Do you want to know what is the best choice for you personally or do you have any questions? Leave your details and we will contact you!


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